In-Depth Consultation $125

Thank you for your inquiry.  As a certified A. S. I. D. interior designer,  well-versed in all areas of the design/build process, as well as all trending and classic styles and materials, my goal is to help you complete your project as smoothly and efficiently as possible and to help you save money in the process.  To that end, I offer the following services:

An initial consultation to best advise you how to blend your goals for functionality and style with the architectural style, features and scale of the project site.  We can also tackle specific needs, such as paint colors, flooring options and furniture layout.   We can meet onsite, using protective gear as needed, or, if you prefer, remotely via Zoom.  Initial consultation fee:  $125.

Moving forward, you have a number of options such as to:

A. Continue your project on your own utilizing the advice provided.  Or, 

B. Continue working with me to complete the project.  I can simply act as advisor or can pull the entire design together for you.  Some options we have are:

  1. Showroom Meetings:  If you like being as hands-on as possible through the process, we can meet at individual materials and furnishings showrooms to review best options for your project.  You only pay me for the actual time I spend with you at the showroom.  I also share any discounts I may receive from the showroom.   Showroom consultation fee:  $125. 
  1.  Hourly Work:  For a more step-by-step approach, or for specific tasks, such as creating floorplans, 3D designs, researching materials/furnishings, we can agree to the hours and time frame needed and, I, then, complete these items within the given time frame.  Hourly Fees:  $125 per hour for the first 4 hours, reduced to $100 per hour for additional hours.   Some general pricing guidelines:

a. 2D plans:  1 hour per room, depending on complexity
b. 3D plans:  2-3 hours per room, depending on complexity
c. Materials such as flooring, countertops, tiles:  1 hour per item*
d. Furnishings:  Furniture, lighting, rugs:  $25-50 per item, depending on specificity*

*If tasks include materials and/or furnishings choices you purchase from me, I share the discounted pricing I get for these items with you.  

  1. Specified Budget:  If you prefer me to do it all, conception-to-completion, this approach ensures that all budget and design goals are met, as it includes all design fees, materials, contract bids and furnishings. I will create a complete design package for you and present you with the overall design plan as well as floor plans, sample products and finishes, etc.  Once the design and budget are to your liking design approval is my queue to initiate ordering, shipping, and delivery.  In addition, we can also include white glove delivery, installation and placement of all furnishings.  I can also oversee the entire project, including contractors, subcontractors and see the job through to completion.  

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please feel free to contact me by email or by phone at (619) 807-0078, if you have additional questions, or to schedule a consultation.  For your planning purposes, please know that I tend to be scheduled a week or two in advance.  Thank you, again, for your request.